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Building a Dummy


A really good article for those that wish to build a
dummy with a step by step guide within a pdf (you will need acrobat reader) Click here to open

Here is another article i found again in pdf format Click here to open

At the Wing Chun Society you will find some comprehensive pdf files (you need adobe acrobat reader to open these) and a guide to assist you with required materials and in building the dummy.


A guide can also be found at the Wing Chun Association this guide is a little less detailed but still very useful for building your dummy.

At springtimesong.com you can find more plans to assist you with building your dummy.

just recently found this blue prints at World of Kali Silat Society



Also checkout Guide to Wooden Dummy Construction


Mounting a live dummy

Important note when buying most dummies the wall mount is an optional extra

When you dummy arrives it will be in several cartons, unpack all the parts and make sure everything that's needed is there. its important to pick a wall with enough space on either side, at least 18" from the end of the wall bracket outwards on both sides.

Your dummy body needs to be positioned so that when you are stood in yee-chi-kim-yeung-ma and you put your arms out in front of you, the dummy arms should be parallel to your shoulders, you may need the assistance of someone to hold the dummy in place while you do this, while fitting mine I propped the body up with thick hard backed books until I reached my desired height. doing it this way you don't have to measure it up again, so keep that stack of books handy.

Next assemble the frame and place it against the desired wall. Put the bars through your dummy body and adjust the height using your stack of books. While one of you is holding the dummy body in place the other person needs to adjust the wall mount height to match the height of the dummy bar, draw your mounting lines on the wall. You can put down the dummy now and focus on mounting the wall bracket, drill all the required holes etc, its is important to make a good job of this as your dummy will get a lot of hammering from you and the last thing you need is it falling off the wall.

The last thing to do is put your dummy body using the bars through the mounting positions on your wall bracket, secure the dummy with the supplied pegs and your ready to go.

Please not this is a rough guide and you should take all necessary safety precautions to protect yourself during any form of work.

"Safety, begins with
S but start with U"

"Only fools break safety rules"




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